who is an Assistant Anastasia

( concept art Assistant Anastasia )

The character was originally invented to explain the game and is referred to as just an assistant, but in future it became play a more significant role in project and become a key figure in stories game.

( test script scene in engine )

Anastasia is a doctor of neurobiology and psychology. Like ms.Zero, in the course of its research, it was not able to explain this phenomenon with creatures that affect the emotional state of people, but Later, ms.Zero found out about Anastasia’s research and, in order to hide the truth, Zero told her the whole truth about creatures and offered to do research with him. In fact, Zero isolated Anastasia from the rest of the world on his secret island of Null.
Anastasia continued to study creatures. Develops a system for detecting creatures as well as an ecosystem in which creatures can coexist with humans.
Once Anastasia accidentally discovers plans in which ms Zero and several handy creatures were going to take control of the consciousness of all people in the world using a radio tower system, and that all of Anastasia’s research was aimed at implementing this plan.
In this regard, she flees from Null Island and makes freely available all research and groundwork on creatures in a compact application so that everyone on earth can use them and prevent Zero from his insidious plan to single-handedly take over the world.

funny bug with animation )

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